If you are interested of reading IBUS, KBUS or any other LIN communication bus
or if you want to use the our IBUS interface with Adrian Kittner’s Android APP
or if you want to find diagnostic interface for BMW independent heaters (Webasto) you can visit our Ibus page.

If you are interested of E39/E38/E53 welcome lights, comfort turn signals (triple blinker), welcome message, follow me home lights, you can check our modLight2 page.

You want your BMW 540i (or any other M62 car (X5, E38, E39)) to run on lower temperature? You don’t like 105-115C operating temperature, but you don’t want to change your OEM thermostat with an aftermarket one? You can do our “thermostat mod”. It controls the OEM thermostat internal heater (map cooling) and makes your car run on lower temperature.

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