iPhone instructions

1.      Please turn on Airplane mode of your iPhone. Then enable the WIFI connectivity.

2.      Please plug your modBMW WIFI ENET adapter into your car’s OBD2 jack.

3.      Please wait until it provides WIFI network, named “modBMW_ENET” and connect your phone to the network. The password is 12345678.

4.      Don’t worry if your iPhone shows there is no proper connection.

5.      Open your iPhone’s browser and type address:
This will get you in modBMW WIFI ENET’s admin panel.
user: root
password: admin

6.      Go to NETWORK -> Interfaces


7.      Then click on EDIT button and you will see an option, called “IPv6 assignment length”. Please set it to “64”.

set it to “64”, then click on DONE.

8.      Please click on the blue button “Save & apply”.

9.      Once it’s done, you must disable -> enable your iPhone’s WIFI. That’s it.

10.  Once it re-connects to modBMW_ENET, you will see your iPhone will be able to communicate with the car and you will be able to use Bimmercode app.