modBMW WIFI ENET changelog

modBMW WIFI ENET contains fully functional router with DHCP server inside and the version of its firmware is something that every customer may wants to know.
Here we will describe all changes and versions we have ever used:

  • 15.Dec.2019 – we released our first modBMW WIFI ENET adapter. It uses OpenWRT 15.05. Processor: Ralink RA5350F; RAM: 32MB; Flash memory: 8MB
  • 20.Mar.2020 – we updated our PCB board and some of the OpenWRT settings to fix some issues with iOS devices connectivity. It uses OpenWRT 15.05 Chaos Calmer.
  • 29.Apr.2020 – we replaced the OpenWRT firmware with the one from Qualcomm. It has quite better WIFI driver which allows better connection with phones equipped with poor wifi antenna (like the most modern Android phones, like Samsung, Huawei and many others).
  • 17.07.2020 – modBMW ENET v2.2 introduced. – New version of the adapter. New design of the PCB board, new processor, more RAM and flash memory.
    Processor: MediaTek 7688; RAM: 128MB, Flash memory: 32MB. Ethernet port added.
    Uses OpenWRT Barrier Breaker firmware.

How to determine which version is installed on yours adapter?
Connect your smart device or PC to adapters WI-FI, then open your browser and for address type:
You have the user and the password on the back of your adapter, enter them and you will find the admin panel of your adapter.
OpenWRT version has a label on the bottom (in the footer) which says OpenWRT and which version it is.
Qualcomm firmware has a “Qualcomm” label on the header.

More details will be described as soon as possible. Please keep us informed if you find any bugs, problems, issues or if you just need help!

Thank you!