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We offer an intelligent and quality solution for reading, recording and listening  on the communication buses called iBUS, KBUS, P-BUS and Webasto diagnostic BMW bus.
Unlike much of the proposed iBus interface cables and circuits with external pullup resistors on the Internet, our cable is recognized as a real serial port and connection to your BMW is running by a special IBUS microchip TH3122, which is important for quality iBUS communication.

It works with all known programs like iBUS Navcoder, IBUS Android APP, ibuscommunicator and others.
One interesting software that you can use our interface with is the official Webasto diagnostic application, which is the program that can show you live data, stored faults and many settings for your Webasto independent heater.

12.10.2017 UPDATE: From this date we will sell our newest IBUS interface equipped with the latest hardware which supports collision detection which is exactly what the OEM BMW hardware use for communication between the modules.
Our new IBUS interface supports:

  • Navcoder
  • IBUS Android app (by Adrian Kittner) 
  • Webasto diagnostic software
  • Many other applications and programs for linbus, IBUS, Kbus etc.

To install iBUS interface in your car, you must connect it to only 3 cables from your cars wiring: 12V, GND (ground), iBUS/KBUS.

You can easily find them at the following locations:

  1. 3 pin connector of your CD changer contains just these three cables.
  2. Connectors of the radio module (cassette, CD) and others.
  3. Lightmodule, GM module, navigation MK module and others.

You can connect the iBUS reader to the cables following colors:

12V to red, red / white, red / blue cable.

GND to brown, brown-white, brown-white cable.

iBUS to white-gray with yellow dots.
iBUS is always with white cable, there is a whole gray stripe along and yellow dots in about 1centimetre.
Some BMWs (like E46) doesn’t have IBUS, but they have KBUS, which is white wire with red stripe and yellow dots, so on E46, please connect the yellow wire of our IBUS interface to KBUS.

Our iBUS reader has the function to turn off when there is no activity more than 20 minutes on the  IBUS. This means that there is zero consumption when your car is stationary and negligible power consumption, so that your battery is not likely to fall.

Important: we don`t have connection with the creators of Navcoder or other software, so please do not rely on software support from us. We would gladly give their guidance, but it is important to clarify that software or technical issues with certain BMW features and capabilities are beyond our obligations. Our interface can not be damaged in any other way than by linking short circuit or connection reversed. These two cases are not covered by the warranty, it is important to confirm in advance which cable to connect the reader. If you have suggestions or questions, please do not hesitate to ask them.

  1. What is iBUS?
    It is a communication cable, in which send and receive commands from one module to the other (s). Since the  iBUS cable is reading  command lines no matter how close to which electronic module you get hooked to, it is accepted and called “bus”. The main objective of this bus is the need to save each module to be connected to all other modules with several cables in which to exchange statuses and commands. The presence of communication buses is typical of all modern cars. Communication buses are one of the first and the enormous strides that have made the car manufacturers to the digitization of the functions and capabilities of modern cars.
  2. Which BMW cars use iBUS/KBUS?
    • BMW 3-series E46 (1998-2007)
    • BMW 5-series E39 (1995-2004)
    • BMW 7-series E38 (1994-2001)
    • BMW X3 E83 (2004-2008)
    • BMW X5 E53 (1999-2006)
    • BMW Z4 E85 E86 (2002-2008)
    • BMW Mini One and Cooper R50 (2001-2006)
    • BMW Mini Convertible R52 (2005-2008)
    • BMW Mini Cooper S R53 (2001-2006)
    • BMW Range Rover L30/L322 (1999-2003)
    • BMW Rover 75 R40 (1999-2005)
    • BMW MG ZT X10 / ZT-T X11 (2001-2005)
    • BMW Rolls Royce Phantom RR1 (2003-2007)
  3. Computer requirements:
    Any computer, microcontroller or carPC with the right driver. Our iBus reader will come with official drivers for:  XP (32/64bit), Vista (32/64bit), Win7 (32/64bit), Win8(32/64bit), Win10 and Android.

IBUS Android app demo:


Few screeshots with demonstration of our IBUS interface + Navcoder application for Windows:

Short video with demonstration of our IBUS interface + Webasto diagnostic software:


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