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modBMW WIFI ENET adapter is diagnostic/coding/flashing WIFI Ethernet adapter for BMW F/G/I-series.
Compatible with BMW ISTA+, BMW ESYS, Aicoder, Bimmercode, xDelete, xHP, MHD, DEEPOBD, BootMod3 and many others.
In short, it’s doing the same job as BMW ENET cable, but wirelessly.
More than 20 times faster, compared with D-CAN based adapters.

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We are happy to introduce you our new wireless ENET adapter, compatible with F-series, G-series and I-series. We named it “modBMW WIFI ENET adapter“.

It is compatible with BMW ISTA, BMW ESYS, Aicoder, xDelete, Bimmercode and many other diagnostic, coding and flashing programs.

In short, it’s doing the same job as BMW ENET adapter, but wireless, so instead the need of cable connection between your computer/phone/tablet and the car, it allows you to connect your computer/phone/tablet/notebook and your car via wifi connection.

There is really big difference between our modBMW WIFI ENET adapter and D-CAN based adapters. modBMW WIFI ENET adapter uses ETHERNET connection (100mbps) to the car, not D-CAN (0.5mbps), so the speed of the data transfer is theoretically more than 200 times faster, which in the real life brings as low as 20 times faster speed, which means that if any coding/flashing job needs 2.5 minutes via our adapter, it will need 50 minutes if you’re using D-CAN based adapter (like the most on the market).

*What is ETHERNET (a.k.a ENET) connection when we are talking about BMW? In 09/2008 BMW introduced a new way for communication between the modules. They added an Ethernet connectivity, which means that all of the modules in the car are connected into a local area network, which allows times higher speed communication and that’s really awesome. In all F/G and I series the OBD2 port in the car contains ETHERNET (LAN) connectivity and all car’s modules are connected in high speed local network.

The other really huge benefit of using our adapter is that it’s compatible with all original BMW software, available for these models – ESYS, ISTA+, as well as great Android/iOS applications like Bimmercode, xDelete, xHP, MHD, DEEPOBD, BootMod3 and any other ENET compatible application.

How our adapter works: just plug it in to your car’s OBD2 port, pair your mobile device to the wifi access point created by modBMW WIFI ENET and that is, you are now able to connect your mobile device with your car. It has a router inside it, so it’s not just an serial-to-wifi or can-to-wifi adapter, but it uses full functional LAN connectivity between the car and the adapter, which allows the fast speed described above.

modBMW WIFI ENET WIKI page with more detailed description, many information, instructions and settings: HERE

Changelog history and firmware description: HERE

*Not compatible with E-series

**We recommend you to unplug modBMW WIFI ENET adapter after doing the job, so please don’t leave it plugged for days, it will drain your car’s battery if you leave the car for a week without driving.

*** Wrong setting, wrong use or use on incompatible vehicle may destroy the adapter!

Note to all users: if you have a problem with “Read coding data error”, while using Bimmercode (or any other app), please keep your phone closer to the adapter when it reads/writes or find a location where there are no other wifi networks nearby. Even just one missed byte, caused by interference/poor wifi recemption, disrupts communication and Bimmercode takes the right decision to say -> it’s better to start over.

Bimmercode video & screenshots:

bimmercode bmw bimmercode bmw1 bimmercode bmw4

ESYS screenshots:


ISTA+ screenshots:

BMW ISTA+ and modBMW WIFI ENET adapter

xDelete screenshots:

xDelete BMW F30 xDelete BMW F30

xDelete BMW F30

xDelete BMW F30

Aicoder screenshots:

BMW Aicoder and modBMW WIFI ENET adapter BMW Aicoder and modBMW WIFI ENET adapter BMW Aicoder and modBMW WIFI ENET adapter

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12 reviews for modBMW WIFI ENET adapter

  1. Vladimir (verified owner)

    I have bought this adapter on the 2nd of April 2020. and it was delivered in 20 days, as stated in the order, even though the corona-virus crisis occurred.
    The adapter is excellent and I am really satisfied with it! I used the adapter to code my car through the Bimmercode app. The car modules are read very fast (couple of seconds). Also, the coding process is very quick (as expected) since WiFi data transfer speed is much greater than the speed of Bluetooth data transfer. I will definitely recommend the adapter to my friends.
    Lastly, I would like to thank the modBMW team for politeness and customer care.

  2. Matthias Harter (verified owner)

    Basically this is a wifi router with disabled router functionality. It also includes a dhcp server. My adapter is not using OpenWrt like you can see here . But the web gui is fast and stable. So I don’t need OpenWrt. “only” 4 stars because this information should be in the description, too.

  3. modBMW (verified owner)

    Thanks for your comment and for your idea! We just added a page where we will describe better which firmware is installed and more details about the reasons why anything is changed.

  4. Matthias Harter (verified owner)

    Nice! I did not expect an answer (and the changelog) this fast.

  5. Julian Nash (verified owner)

    Bought the adapter to code my G11 7 series with BimmerCode. Quick delivery and very helpful customer service, with quick replies to my queries and solutions for the issues I was having with connectivity. I thoroughly recommend the product and the company.

  6. Sven Krause (verified owner)

    Tested it now with all BMW tools i have , Andorid :Bimmercode,XHP flash,Deep OBD (very complex tool).Windows :Ista+,Dr.Gini,Esys,Esysx,Inpa. Everything works fast without further settings.Impressive Interface

  7. YoungJo Kim (verified owner)

    The adapter is excellent and I am really satisfied with it! However the adapter is not working at this moment. Thus, I asked the company modBMW, their customer service is so amazing. Very kind and very quick respond for solving a problem. I will definitely recommend the adapter.
    Lastly, I would like to thank the modBMW team for politeness and customer care.

  8. Michele Guastamacchia (verified owner)

    I was in need of a WiFi enet adapter and this is what I was looking for. Since it was quite urgent, I took the fast delivery, but I did not expect to receive it already after 2 days! Awesome service and very good and fast adapter. Tested it with BimmerCode, MHD and MG flasher and works like a charm. Thanks!

  9. Luqmaan Joseph

    I must say I’m very pleasantly surprised! I ordered my WIFI adapter on a Saturday afternoon and with express shipping even with delays I got it the following Friday. Being that it shipped from Europe to South Africa during a pandemic at least that’s really quick. I connected it to my car to see if it would connect with MHD to clear codes so long before I purchase my tuning license and it picked up immediately and worked super fast and flawlessly. After this I opened up Bimmercode and once again it automatically picked up within a second or two!
    Very pleased with this purchase and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested. Thanks again to the ModBmw team for speedy service and having great after sale support with downloads for firmware available online.

  10. Eric S.

    Plug and play!!! Really easy to use! The adapter looks and feels very solid. It was easy to connect using Bimmercode and the speed via WiFi was also great!!
    Good work guys.

  11. Patrick A.

    The Adapter works like a charm for all of the mentioned Apps so far.
    Customer Service is A++++. First Adapter I recieved was broken. They sent out a new one immediately without waiting for me to send back the broken one first.
    Return Shipping is also covered by modbmw through paypal!

    Can only highly recommend the Adapter and the guys behind this company!
    Will definitly buy again (if needed :-P)

  12. Agris

    modBMW WIFI ENET adapter easily connects to iPhone and works well with Bimmercode. I don’t know about other programs because I haven’t tried them, but I assume there shouldn’t be a problem. Thanks PROGRAMA LTD.!

  13. Shirin Novruzov

    hi seller can i use this adapter for my bmw e39( bmw 525i / 2001 year )

  14. Modbmw

    Hello! Thanks for your interest!
    No, “ENET” is the diagnostic protocol of F-series, G-series and i3/i4 (i-series) only.
    Our WIFI ENET adapter is not compatible with E-series.

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