Thermostat mod M62

Thermostat mod M62 / M62TU is suitable for BMW E38/E39 with one of the following engines:

  1. M62B35, M62TUB35
  2. M62B44, M62TUB44

These are the first BMW engines in which the working temperature is more than 100 degrees in order to lower levels of harmful emissions and better fuel economy. Unfortunately, this system leads to a very small change in emissions, but causing almost all  diseases at M62 (faster wear all the gaskets, all water connections, all cables and connections in the engine bay). That is why from the engine bay to broadcast serious heat, which feels weird sometimes. The idea was great, but unfortunately indirectly causes side effects and therefore we rather characterize it as intentionally creating complications and a prerequisite for faster defection of entire systems in your vehicle and makes possible. Our mod is here to make possible to run the engine on lower coolant temperature. Our modules uses the following combination of functions:

  1. Upon reaching the coolant temperature of 95 degrees a message appears on the big board (large board) that begins the process of launching the management of the additional heater (heater, map characteristics thermostat) in the factory thermostat. This activates the default feature set for M62 engines, to reduce the operating temperature by 10 degrees lower than usual. By enabling this feature the factory thermostat opens earlier and causes the vehicle to run on our 95-100 degrees C instead of 105-110, as is customary.
  2. If during this time the coolant temperature falls below 94 degrees a message appears on the big board (large board) that stops the control of the thermostat, i.e. off the heater and the system starts to raise its temperature, until she reaches 95 degrees and not start point 1.
  3. All other functions of the factory thermostat remain available and intact, i.e. Temperature can`t be increased more than without the presence of our module. In other words, the thermostat opens to 105 degrees C and even turn off the module, our car will work as before installation, I.e. between 105 and 110 degrees. The module carries out the display of a message board and controlling the module, using the official digital mode of communication between BMW modules called and known as IBUS, which means that it used high or fuel-efficient electricity elements so that there is no place for concern that the module will increase the consumption of electricity or fuel in your car.

The unit is activated when the ignition is activated and spends minor 40 mA when connected and 00 mA when you’re not in position ACC2 (contact). The module integrates into your vehicle extremely easy. You should contact 4 cables:

  1. 12V IGN (12v on position2 of the key)
  2. GND – ground
  3. Ibus – communication bus, available in almost every module in your BMW. The color of the cable is white/gray/yellow (white cable with a gray stripe along and yellow dots in about 2 centimeters.
  4. Thermostat heater control – you must connect it to your M62 thermostat connector brown wire.