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How to use NCS Expert for ZCS coding

Here is our howto guide for ZCS coding by using NCS Expert tool:

How to tune vehicle level on E39/E53 with air suspension

Open INPA, then go to: E39 -> Chassis -> 1-axle air suspension EHC, then click on "Activate", then "Tune vehicle level". You should see an information about the current values, as well as almost all of the information regarding air suspension level. Press "TUNING" and the setting windows will appear, where you should see two boxes - one for the left and one for the right side of the car. You can set a value which will be added to the current value, stored for any of the both sides.

1. After offset calculation. The right way to find the right values for your LEFT and RIGHT sides is to measure the offse of your center point of your wheel to the highest point of the fender arc. TO BE CONTINUED
2. The wrong, but easier ways is to just use the INPA mechanism and try the best values for you. Let's assume you want to decrease the level of your left side and keep the level of the right side untouched. If you current value for your left side is 600mm and your nominal (the level that you would like to set) is 580mm, then you have to type:

  • inside the LEFT box: -20
  • inside the right box: 0

This will lower your left side with 20mm and keep the right side on the same level as before.